2018 – 2019Calendar Overview

Sep 22
Foundations of Teaching Excellence

Feb 9
Foundations of Teaching Excellence

Apr 12
Advanced Elements of Teaching Excellence

2018 – 2019Faculty Development Program

Introducing the KCPDC Faculty Academy

KCPDC Faculty Academy is a one-day workshop with five built-in teaching and learning courses focusing on: quality course design, building a learner-centered syllabus, active learning strategies to engage students, effective grading strategies, and best practices for technology in the classroom.

Foundations of Teaching Excellence will be offered twice a year: September 22, 2018 and February 9, 2019. Faculty new to teaching or interested in a refresher course would benefit from the Foundational Academy.

Advanced Elements of Teaching Excellence is available for mid-career to veteran faculty and will be scheduled for half a day on April 12, 2019.

There are now two options for faculty and staff interested in earning the Faculty Development Program (FDP) certificate:

  1. Attend one of the foundational level Faculty Academy sessions and the annual Enhancing Teaching and Learning (ETL) Conference
  2. Attend the advanced level Faculty Academy, one special topic, and the ETL Conference.


Advanced registration is required for all KCPDC events. Registration is FREE to employees of member institutions. Please contact your campus representative for registration.

Non-members are encouraged to enroll, on a space available basis. The cost for the attendance at KCPDC events is $150 for full day and $75 for half day session. For enrollment information, contact Clydia Case.

Advanced Elements of Teaching Excellence
Presented by KCPDC

Date: Friday, April 12
Time: 12:30 – 3:30pm
Location: Park University, McCoy Meetin’ House
Contact your KCPDC representative to sign up

Description: This 3 hour workshop provides faculty with the additional tools and resources for becoming more effective in the classroom. Participants will have the opportunity to network and collaborate with other metro area higher education professionals. While many of the topics build on the concepts discussed in the Fundamentals of Teaching Excellence Workshop, prior attendance at the Fundamentals workshop is not required.

Schedule at a Glance


Introduction and Identification of Current Issues

Setting the Stage for Critical Thinking

Classroom Facilitation Techniques


Diversity and Inclusion in the Classroom

Group Discussion of Current Issues


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