Enhancing Teaching & Learning Conference

2017 Enhancing Teaching & Learning Conference
Saturday, March 4, 2017
Cleveland University-Kansas City
10850 Lowell Ave.
Overland Park KS

Conference Registration & Schedule (PDF) Registration Deadline: February 21, 2017

The Enhancing Teaching & Learning conference is a KCPDC professional development event that provides an opportunity for educators to share their successes in the classroom. Through concurrent 50-minute sessions, presenters are encouraged to be creative in an attempt to appeal to a broad audience. There are four conference tracks or themes to consider:

  1. Engaging Students: How do you do it? Examples may include increasing student interaction, techniques for making learning fun, experiential learning, learning communities, or thinking outside the box.
  2. Technology in the Classroom: Do you use technology in the classroom? Examples might include new technology, effective use of the Internet in the classroom, or making technology an effective part of teaching.
  3. Assessing Teaching and Learning: What are the methods you use for assessing teaching and learning? Example may include methods for assessment design, assessment for learning, assessment technologies, student involvement, or assessment feedback.
  4. Professional Development Resources for Faculty: Aside from campus resources where else can faculty turn for professional development? Where can faculty find information/training on active learning, instructional technology, course design, learning styles, assessment techniques, writing to learn, flipped classrooms and other resources?

Tom Grady, ETL Chair
Kansas City Kansas Community College
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (913) 288-7292

Committed to providing professional development opportunities for the faculty and staff of its member institutions.